Dear readers, dear readers, 
Today, there are major recognized humanitarian organizations active around the world. Despite this, poverty in the Third World is still not eradicated, it is still rampant. 
This is why Ms. Angeline HENZEN, supported by a group of Swiss citizens, has founded an organization called "Afrique Solidarité Suisse" in Acronym ASOL. Its goal is to fight poverty through multidimensional actions in the areas of social, health and sustainable development. 
Millions of human beings die every day because of poverty and all that it entails (Diseases, deaths, etc.). The poor person can not only feed himself adequately, but even less when he is sick. . 
To this is added the non-schooling of children. Education leads to peace and freedom. A poor person loses his dignity to the limit. 
For these reasons and many others, Afrique Solidarité Suisse has made the fight against poverty its priority. We are addressing here people of good will and all humanitarian organizations who have set the battle against poverty as their battle horse. 
We want to contribute to the fight against this scourge in the Third World and help build a better world; a world without poverty where healthy freedom and harmony will reign, elements without which humanity can not claim a lasting peace. 
Poverty is therefore our common enemy. You can also take part in this noble fight; For this, you can join us, become a member of our Association or simply support us through your donations and advice. 
You want to know more ? You can contact us by this form.

Madame Angeline HENZEN  
Tél: +41 76 789 47 58

Rue de Büren 9  
Case Postale  
CH-2504 Biel / Bienne

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